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I am a 39 year old first-time mom. I’ve been very healthy my whole life. No broken bones, no major illnesses. Worked out since I was in high school, and I’ve always eaten healthy.

Got pregnant 11/01. Nornal pregancy until 7/1/01 when I went on bedrest due to preterm labor. Had emergency c-section end of 8/02.

Baby is fine.

Ended up with an infection in the incision and major post-partem depression.

Around 10/02 started having upper back pain and muscle spasms.

I breastfed the baby until a week before I got Bell’s Palsey. I thought I was getting mastitis, since I was having major breast pain. The day before I got BP, I just started my period for the first time since 11/01.

Looking back it really started Friday night 2/21/03. I remember telling my husband, Dale, that my right eye was twitching. I thought maybe I was lacking some vitamins.

Day 32

Woke up and I can still feel remnants of the ear pain. There is still no movement of my face. I check the throughout the day by wiggling my nostrils and only the left one ever moves.

There is a squeak in the floor in a high traffic area of our house. Whenever the baby is napping, I try side-stepping that area, and sometimes I nearly miss hitting the wall. Vertigo is kind of like having your body do something, and your head taking a few extra seconds to catch up.

Day 31

Today I thought I felt numbness on my face, so I thought maybe my face was going to do something different like move again. I looked over at Dale and tried moving the right side of my face. I asked him if he noticed anything different about my face. He said, 'Yeah, the right side doesn’t work.' We both got a good laugh out of that one.

Day 30

We went to a dinner party that was put on by one of Dale’s coworkers. I was a little nervous, but everything was fine. Nobody said anything about my facial paralysis. And I even met a woman who just got over a case of BP. She only had it for three weeks. However, this was her second experience with BP, having had it once before 12 years ago on the other side of her face.

Day 29

Sometimes I get up from the couch too quickly, step onto one foot, lose my balance and do some fancy fall; Dale and I get a good laugh from it. It’s nice knowing I’m so amusing, NOT.

Today one of my friends is coming over to take me shopping for clothes. This is alway a good 'pick-me-up.' It’ll be good to get out of the house. I hope I don’t get too dizzy. I’m not going to have the baby’s stroller to use as a walker.

I put some sandles on with about a 1 1/2 inch heel, and I was stumbling around a bit. Dale asked if I could walk in those. I said not really, but I have to look good.

Day 28

Good news. I spoke to my ENT doctor, and he said that once the virus goes away, that’s it. It shouldn’t come back. So I shouldn’t have any pregnancy problems. Yeah! I suppose I should wait until my head stops spinning before getting pregnant. I also need to get really healthy again and get my body back in shape. Lately, I haven’t been eating very much or very well for that matter. With the pregnancy and breastfeeding, I’d eaten very healthy for so long. I just want to eat at McDonalds a few times before becoming a health nut again.

Day 27

It seems like there has been no change in my vertigo for days. I feel just as dizzy as I did a week ago. Maybe I should get out more and force my body to compensate for the extra dizziness. I need to get out more anyway. I’m starting to get stir crazy in here. I feel like I’ve been home since last July when I went on bedrest.

Day 26

My mommies group came over again. They’ve been coming to my house so the babies can play together, and since I can’t drive. I’m very lucky to have such good friends. I really appreciate all they’ve done for me. Hopefully I’ll be able to drive sometime soon.

Day 25

I’ve been home all day, so I haven’t had any excessive dizziness. I’ve been online a lot, so my eye is really bothering me. I need to give it a rest. I’ve been on other RHS websites with message boards. I’m trying to find anyone who’s been pregnant while suffering from or recovering from RHS. So far no replies.

Day 24

I put less ointment in my eye last night so this morning I didn’t have as much left over to impair my vision. I still can’t see, but it’s only because I can’t blink. If I blink using my finger, I can see clearly for a few seconds then it gets blurry again. I hope I don’t mess up my eyesight more because my right eye may be trying to compensate and see better. Does that make any sense? I’m going to the eye doctor today. We’ll see he has to say about that.

Day 23

Well three weeks have gone by. I have no change whatsoever in my facial movement. Still nothing. But it’s probably too soon to expect anything at this point.

We’re supposed to go to a family baby shower today, but I don’t know if I’m up to it. It’s one thing going out in public and having strangers see my face, but it’s another thing having a big bunch of friends see me all at once. I’m nervous. On the other hand, getting a whole bunch of friends seeing my condition for the first time can be a good thing in that it would happen all at once.