Treatment for Disequilibrium


Several medications, for example, Valium, meclizine and dramamine, are available to help reduce the effects of disequilibrium. Most doctors do not advise taking these medications for more than a few months, since they may hinder the ability of the brain to compensate for (adjust to) the loss of vestibular function.

Vestibular Therapy

Vestibular therapy can be quite effective in treating loss of vestibular function by accelerating the body's adaptation to such loss. The basic premise of vestibular therapy is to have the patient perform motions that induce dizziness while at the same time making him/her focus on body position and coordination. This helps the brain learn to compensate for lost vestibular function. The therapy, in the form of exercises, can be performed at a vestibular therapy center or at home. It is important to keep safety of the patient in mind. For this reason, any of the exercises which could lead to falls should not be performed while alone.